When it comes to weight loss, Faith Obesity program is your best path for a healthier weight loss.

Create a successful weight management plan with the help of a dedicated team in Faith Obesity. Our Team is available to help patients achieve their wellness goals through a personalized treatment plan.

We offer a tailored 1-on-1 coaching program with prescription treatment paired with diet and exercise best suited to your unique biology, targeting average weight loss of about 15% and 20%.

We start with a free 30-minute consultation.

Insurance concierge services for the cost of medications are provided through the Body Program. Our team will work directly with your insurance provider to help with the process of determining coverage for your prescription treatment, which is paid for separately from the Body Program. Ro does not accept insurance for the Body Program, which is cash pay only. Currently, those with any form of government healthcare coverage (including programs such as Medicare, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicaid, or TRICARE), whether primary or secondary, or federal employee plans are not eligible for the Body Program. These plans typically do not cover the type of medication the Body Program may prescribe. Unfortunately, this means that those on Medicare or eligible for Medicare cannot join the Body Program.

Federal employees who receive their health insurance through the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHB) may participate in the Body Program.

If you don’t use insurance, it typically takes up to 2 weeks to start medication. If you’re a good fit for the program, your provider will order a metabolic lab test. The test will help you understand how your body’s working right now. After reviewing your results, your provider will determine if you’re eligible for medication. If you are, he’ll tailor a program with prescription treatment best suited to your unique biology.

If you’d like to use your insurance, it can take an additional 2-3 weeks to try to get coverage. But don’t worry, we’ll handle all the paperwork.

You’ll have everything you need during treatment.