Laith Jacob, MD
Laith Jacob, MD

Laith Jacob, MD, is the founder and current director of Faith Internal Medicine & Urgent Care. He started his journey in Faith by designing and planning the current level of care and potential expansions. Dr. Jacob has provided comprehensive care to his patients for 30 years. During his career, he took care of thousands of patients all around the world.

Dr. Laith Jacob, MD, is a Chaldean-American Physician who graduated from medical school in Iraq in 1992. He was trained in Iraq, Turkey, Japan, and the US. He worked in different medical fields in these places. He has additional expertise in Cardiothoracic Surgery, which helped him build a well-known reputation for providing excellent care to his patients. Dr. Jacob’s skills and his particular interest in education and research have led to his publication in different notable medical magazines and winning many prizes in various meetings and conferences in the US.

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Vijaya Lakshmi Thotakura

Vijaya Lakshmi Thotakura is a physician assistant who graduated from Eastern Michigan University PA program. She is a resident of Michigan, serving the community for the past 21 and a half years.

Vijaya has had an immense passion for the medical field since her childhood. She is very good at building strong relationships with her patients. Her bedside manners, strong work ethic, and her being a good listener made her patients satisfied with the provider-patient experience. She enjoys educating every patient regarding the preventive aspects of medicine by taking her time, and at the same time, maintaining a good work-life balance. She is very friendly and easily approachable. Outside work, Vijaya enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, listening to music, and spending time outdoors.

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