Important Questions to Ask at Your Primary Care Visit

Whether you are visiting your primary care provider or PCP for a general exam or a specific health problem, there is often a lot of information to process during these visits. Hence, we tend to forget to ask questions that can help with treatment or in maintaining overall health. To maximize the benefits of primary care, here are questions to ask for your next visit:

  • What screenings do I need?
    Most patients have a family health history of at least one chronic disease. If you have a close relative with heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, you have a higher risk of developing that condition. Your PCP will recommend diagnostic tests and screenings based on your personal and family health history, as well as other risk factors.
  • How much is a healthy weight for me?
    Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to overall health. However, weight guidelines differ based on factors like age, height, and health concerns. Discuss your weight concerns with your primary care physician. They will consider your lifestyle, medications, and existing health issues like stomach viruses that may be contributing to unhealthy weight gain or loss.
  • Should I keep taking this medicine?
    Part of medical care services in Michigan is medication management. Your PCP can determine if certain medications or supplements are still necessary or working. Our bodies and health constantly change, so you may need to adjust your prescription to get the best results.

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