Physical Exams You May Need Soon 


Everybody will need physical exams sooner or later. It helps monitor their well-being and check for health issues. Some exams are required to ensure the safety of an individual’s well-being in a field.

We at Faith Internal Medicine & Urgent Care are a provider of comprehensive care in Livonia, Michigan accepting patients who need physical exams. We are dedicated to helping them assess their current health status for whatever purpose it may be. The physical exams they need include:

  • Sports physical exam
    Sports physicals for kids ensure they are in perfect health before participating in any sports event. The preliminary examination helps decrease the likelihood of unwanted events during the event. This physical exam includes details such as specific allergic reactions and more.
  • DOT exam.
    DOT physicals are for commercial vehicle drivers. This particular exam ensures drivers are in a fit condition to drive a commercial vehicle.
  • Annual physical exam.
    Annual physical exams are perfect for individuals who check their health regularly. This kind of test can be very complex, as laboratory tests are needed to help screen overall health. When any abnormalities are detected, you can immediately seek premium health care to avoid any complications.

If you need a professional to conduct a physical exam, you can always count on us. Moreover, we also provide primary care services for your health-related concerns. Call us to learn more information about our urgent care.

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