Reasons Why Preventive Medicine is Better Than Cure

Preventive medicine utilizes a proactive approach to prevent disease, disability, and serious health consequences. While most types of medicine focus on treatment, primary care services provide preventive medicine to keep illness or injury from occurring. Doctors in preventive medicine take a holistic approach and assess the factors that play a role in each patient’s health. Here, we discuss the importance of preventive medicine:

  • Better overall health
    Taking care of your whole health and being proactive will help you stay healthy. Seeking services like telemedicine to manage and address symptoms while they are still in their earlier stages will prevent more serious complications down the road. Taking a prevention-first approach will boost your overall well-being and lead to zest and resilience.
  • Lower healthcare costs
    Seeking prevention through annual physical exams and consultations will benefit your financial health too. The cost of being injured or sick is significant, especially when you count the days you need to take time off work, arrange childcare, and the like. It makes sense to make prevention a priority to reduce risk factors and slow their progression.
  • Healthier communities
    Preventing future complications from existing conditions and new illnesses is vital to the sustainability of our health systems. Preventive health measures are better for us as individuals and for our community at large. The foundation pillars of good health not only include a healthy lifestyle but regular visits to your healthcare provider too.

Faith Internal Medicine & Urgent Care is your go-to provider of comprehensive care in Livonia, Michigan. We offer primary care visits and preventive medicine as part of our primary care to promote overall health. For questions about your health, feel free to reach out to us.


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