What Are Common Scenarios That Call for Urgent Care?

Urgent care services are typically required for medical situations that need immediate attention but are not considered severe or life-threatening to warrant a trip to the emergency room. Would you like to improve your understanding of this? Faith Internal Medicine & Urgent Care, a tried-and-true provider of medical care services in Michigan, is at your service!

As experts in urgent care in Livonia, Michigan, allow us to provide you with a few examples of common scenarios that call for these particular services:

  • Minor Injuries

    Urgent care can handle minor injuries like cuts, bruises, and simple fractures. While these might require procedures like cleansing, bandaging, or immobilization, they do not necessarily present an imminent danger to one’s life.

  • Mild to Moderate Allergic Reactions

    For individuals experiencing allergic reactions resulting in mild to moderate symptoms such as hives, itching, or slight swelling, seeking urgent care is advisable. This allows for proper evaluation and treatment using antihistamines or other suitable medications.

  • Minor Skin Rashes or Infections

    Timely attention is essential for skin infections or conditions like mild cellulitis or impetigo, for instance. This is to prevent their progression and promote optimal healing.

  • Fever

    Elevated temperatures, particularly in children, can lead to discomfort and signal an underlying infection. Urgent care offers prompt assessment, fever-reducing treatments, and guidance on addressing the root cause of the fever.

Is there anything you would like to inquire about, such as accessing our primary care services? We would be more than glad to cater to you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience!


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