What Are Signs of Allergic Reactions?


Imagine having the best day of your life until you have an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions are manifestations of the body when you are exposed to an allergen. An allergic reaction can be fatal if left untreated.

As a facility of urgent care in Livonia, Michigan, we understand the risks of allergy reactions. It can be life-threatening in all age groups if left untreated. Here are some consequences if an allergy reaction is left untreated:

  • May lead to anaphylaxis.
    Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction. It can lead to a drop in blood pressure, cardiac arrest, and even death. If you or your loved one has an allergic reaction, receive primary care services immediately.
  • May lead to a weaker immune system.
    Frequent or prolonged untreated reactions can weaken the immune system. A weak immune system leads to vulnerability to infections, such as bacterial infections, viral infections, and fungal infections. Medical care services in Michigan may help treat allergies and infections.
  • May diminish the quality of life.
    Untreated allergic reactions can lead to poor quality of life. You may experience disturbance in your sleep and your daily activities. It also leads to the development of certain illnesses, such as asthma and sinusitis.

Do not allow your allergic reactions to destroy your quality of life. Come to us at Faith Internal Medicine & Urgent Care, and receive premium health care for your health needs.

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