Why You Should Be Concerned With Skin Infections?


Skin infections are not mere itchiness in the skin. Skin infection signs and symptoms may include skin redness, pus drainage, and more. Like any other infection, skin infection is caused by pathogens, most commonly bacteria and fungi.

As a provider of urgent care in Livonia, Michigan, we actively encourage everyone to seek treatment and care for their skin infections. Skin infections can lead to complications. Thus, you should be worried when you are having signs of a skin infection. Reasons may include the following:

  • Fever.
    Some skin infections can lead to fever. It includes cellulitis and staph infections. Fever is an indicator that your immune system is fighting off pathogens causing the infection. Go to the nearest urgent care clinic, as they will perform necessary diagnostic tests and provide treatment.
  • Infections can spread to internal organs.
    If you think skin infections only affect the skin, then you are wrong. The pathogens responsible for the infection can penetrate the skin and travel through the bloodstream. It can affect multiple organs that need premium health care.
  • Gangrene.
    Gangrene is also called tissue death. When skin infections are left untreated, the blood supply can be compromised. As a result, tissue and cells lack oxygen to survive, which will lead to tissue death.

Skin infection should be dealt with immediately to avoid any possible complications.

We at Faith Internal Medicine & Urgent Care are here to provide primary and urgent care for clients, such as physical exams, STD testing, health risk assessment, and more. Contact us today, and allow our team of professionals to help you.

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